Tiviot Dale Methodist Church

Manchester and Stockport Methodist District




How do we approach Worship?  Do we look forward to singing favourite hymns?  Do we look forward to meeting friends and having a chat?  Do we eagerly await the message that will be given?  Do we look forward to bringing things to God in Prayer?


When I was attending an Anglican Church, we started every service with the following prayer:-


We have come together as the family of God
in our Father's presence
to offer him praise and thanksgiving,
to hear and receive his holy word,
to bring before him the needs of the world,
to ask his forgiveness of our sins,
and to seek his grace, that through his Son Jesus Christ
we may give ourselves to his service.


This prayer sums up what we do in our services, and, actually, shows that we have several tasks to do in the service – hearing and receiving God’s word; bringing before God the needs of the world. 


And so, as we arrive for Worship, are we prepared?  Are we ready to listen as well as speak or sing; in the silences as well as in the spoken word?  Are we ready to bring before God the needs of the world, as well as make requests of our own?


Perhaps in the time before the service starts we could greet our friends quietly and then spend a few moments in thinking – and allowing others to think – what is it that God wants to say to me today? Or what is it that God wants me to pray for today?  What is God asking of me today?


I know there are always those last-minute things to get ready, but if you don’t have to get them ready, let others do it, and spend some precious moments in quiet; listening, waiting, preparing, praying, and enjoy the delights of conversations with friends after the service. 


Yours, Lindsay

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