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                                                                 From my bookshelf 

                                                   Dangerous Crossing                                        

   Dangerous Crossing is set in the late 1930s.  At that time there were, in Australia, families who had either moved there recently and were wealthy, or who had become wealthy, and they needed household staff. 


   Many young girls saw in a Government-run scheme to provide domestic staff, an opportunity to escape drudgery, the British weather, the worries over the situation with Germany at that time, and also saw an opportunity that might bring some glamour into their lives.  So they boarded cruise liners bound for Australia and a new life, at least for 2 years.


   On the ship in question Lily Shepherd boards just such a ship.  On board she meets people who become friends, and relationships develop particularly between Lily and Edward and his sister Helena.  But the relationship with Edward that Lily hopes will turn into something more doesn’t run smoothly.  Then there is a glamourous couple in First Class, Max and Eliza, who are undoubtedly very attractive, and mysterious.  And why is being friendly with Maria so frowned upon?


   As the weeks go by, Lily realises that there are many people on the ship with secrets and the reader realises that Lily has a past and secrets of her own.


   But nothing can prepare the reader for the last few chapters!


   Dangerous Crossing is a Richard and Judy book club page turner, full of atmosphere and tension, and is inspired by the cruises taking young women to a new life in Australia that really happened. 


    Her next novel, Fatal Inheritance is due out in hardback in July 2018.  This is her first historical novel, and is her debut novel under this name, but she is also a successful psychological suspense author, writing under the names of Tammy Cohen and Tamar Cohen.  Before turning to fiction, Tamar Cohen was a journalist.


               I hope you enjoy Dangerous Crossing.

                                                                                                      Yours, Lindsay